Sawfish v1.3.3 not working properly with ISO-8859 locale


I'm a big fan of Sawfish and has been using it since its very first version.

I was therefore very happy to see that it was maintained again. I downloaded
v1.3.1 a few months ago and ran it happily since.

Today, I tried v1.3.3, but alas, the result is very disappointing: sawfish
v1.3.3 now beeps on startup (probably signaling an error) and does not display
window titles any more.

My system runs (and will keep running, for I hate UTF-8 and I am still using
GTK+ (v1) applications that can't handle UTF-8) with an ISO-8859-15 locale
(fr_FR), and it looks like Sawfish is now unable to run under anything but UTF-8

Please, pretty please, bring back ISO charsets compatibility, even if only as a
compile option !


Thierry Godefroy.

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