Re: Improving the GUI

Christopher Bratusek <nano-master gmx de> writes:
> Am Freitag, den 29.08.2008, 11:48 +0200 schrieb Janek Kozicki:
>> Question is: does lisp recognize its variables as strings?

I am not sure whether there is a lisp interface to ,apropos.  If not,
I expect it shouldn't be too hard to add.

> Dunno, but what about the Treeview/Re-exposed and Re-ordered Options? Is
> it OK like that?

A treeview would be an improvement over the present GUI, and there
might be some potential in modifying option groups, but in the long
run the treeview does not scale either.  defcustom does not currently
allow to specify the order of settings in the dialog, and it would be
difficult to do that in a modular fashion.  Perhaps they should just
be sorted alphabetically.

	Timo Korvola		<URL:>

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