Re: A dozen of new patches to test!

[Sorry for slow reply]

ferkiwi gmail com (2008-08-09 at 0254.05 +0200):
> >  Also, be wary of adding
> > defcustoms: usability will go downhill as clutter increases.  If
> > someone would write a better sawfish-ui with a decent search function
> > for options, then we could add defcustoms to our hearts' content, but
> > not with the current UI.
> Yes, I was also thinking that sawfish-ui really needs some love.
> Maybe a simpler and nice approach could be to have somewhere an option like
> "show advanced options" ..or even have a choice of different levels (basic,
> advanced and full) and use classes to show only the ones with selected
> levels.

IIRC that was the case, and it was removed as nobody manages to choose
the right level for every user. It happens with other apps too... in
the end, if you want to be sure you are not missing anything, you
select highest. Not very useful in the end.


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