Re: [sabayon] =?windows-1251?q?=5BPatch_Nag=5D_Bug_346890_=96_Please?= =?windows-1251?q?=09update_to_latest_Pessulus_tree?=

El mi�17-01-2007 a las 16:33 +0530, Sayamindu Dasgupta escribi�> We used it in the University library Internet browsing terminals to
> disable access to the commandline. It worked fine, until on one fine
> day, someone discovered that she could access the commandline via
> KDevelop/Anjuta :-(

Ah, yes... there are all sorts of way in which one can circumvent that.

Mark Gordon at Novell is compiling a list of those places.  I'll post it
to this mailing list when we have something reasonable.  There are
things like:

- You can define an Evolution alarm to run a program at a certain time.
- You can create a desktop launcher in Nautilus.
- You can create a new MIME type, and associate it to an arbitrary
- You can define an "LPR filter" in the Print dialogs to run an
arbitrary program.

Eventually we'll take care of those.


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