Re: [sabayon] =?windows-1251?q?=5BPatch_Nag=5D_Bug_346890_=96_=09Plea?= =?windows-1251?q?se=09update_to_latest_Pessulus_tree?=

El mi�17-01-2007 a las 11:33 +0100, Vincent Untz escribi�> We discussed about this with Alex in the past. The main reason that we
> have two modules is that I know some people were using pessulus only and
> really didn't need sabayon.
> We can of course have sabayon depend on the system installation of
> pessulus. Another solution could be to have the sabayon module provide
> the two tools: sabayon with included pessulus, and standalone pessulus.
> I don't care that much about the way we solve this, but it's quite
> important, IMHO, that we keep a standalone pessulus.

OK :)

What do we need to move Pessulus into the Sabayon source tree for good,
and yet be able to run Pessulus standalone?

I've started a tentative to-do list for this (scroll down the page):

Who wants to take care of this? :)


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