Re: [sabayon] Speaking on Sabayon

El s� 20-01-2007 a las 01:51 +0530, Sayamindu Dasgupta escribi�> I'll be facilitating a session on FLOSS desktop deployment at Asia
> Source II ( and I'll be
> talking about Sabayon/Pessulus during that session.
> I'll try to get feedback on Sabayon during this, especially from
> people in charge of IT their respective organisations (mostly NGOs and
> SMEs), and if there's any special aspect I should focus on, or any
> special questions that you want me to ask, do let me know :).

Oh, excellent!  It's always good to gather real-life experiences from

I would look for people who are used to deploying Windows, and ask them
what they like/dislike about that system.  Or if they have tried to
deploy GNOME or other free software, what they have found to be missing.
The idea is to make their workflow easier, and to integrate well with
their existing infrastructure.

Have fun in the conference!


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