Re: [sabayon] =?windows-1251?q?=5BPatch_Nag=5D_Bug_346890_=96_Please?= =?windows-1251?q?=09update_to_latest_Pessulus_tree?=

El vie, 12-01-2007 a las 16:15 +0530, Sayamindu Dasgupta escribi�> I guess that would require a little bit of extra effort and
> coordination (merging the two trees, making changes in bugzilla,
> handling releases). And does this mean that both will be packaged
> together as well ? I guess there are situations where pessulus can be
> used as a standalone application (in fact, I used it at my University
> for doing lockdown). In such a case, people might not want Sabayon to
> come with Pessulus as well.

Oh, how did you use it as a standalone tool?

I really think the whole tool to "configure user's desktops", meaning
configuration and lockdown, should be an integrated thing.  But it would
be good to know how you use it :)


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