Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Interface ideas

On Mon, 2005-04-18 at 23:43 +0200, Christophe Fergeau wrote:
> Le lundi 18 avril 2005 Ã 23:34 +0200, Oliver Lemke a Ãcrit :
> > 
> > I don't care about the songs after I listened to them through the queue.
> > So, my queue list will grow larger and larger. I would find it very
> > annoying if I had to remove the songs piling up there manually. And just
> > leaving them in there forever is messy. Think of a few hundred old songs
> > in the queue and you want to use the scrollbar to scroll through the ten
> > songs you have just added. :-(
> Yeah, in my mind the view would always be centered around the last
> played song, so you don't have to care too much about old songs if you
> don't want to. 
> Hundreds of songs piling up is indeed not that useful ;) Actually, now I
> understand why iTunes 'party mix' mode lists that last 10 or 20 played
> songs and not 0 or all already played songs... I wouldn't be surprised
> if they had that discussion too at Apple ;)

I tend to agree that keeping a few played songs may be useful as long as
they don't clutter the queue list.

The cluttering might be avoided by:

1) When closing rhythmbox, all played songs are removed from the queue,
so they will not show up anymore on the next launch.

2a) As just proposed by jonathan: Provide a 'remove played entries'

2b) Or a checkbox in the popup like 'remove played entries immediately'.
Which will put rhythmbox into Alzheimer mode, throwing away the entries
after playing.

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