Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Interface ideas

On 4/18/05, Christophe Fergeau <teuf gnome org> wrote:
> [sorry, I'm probably being a real pita, but well, I mentioned one
> advantage if you keep the played songs in the queue, and noone provided
> any reason for removing the songs from the queue even after me asking
> that for the 3rd or 4th time]

I think the use case many people are thinking of is a party. In this
case, what you want is for your guests to be able to come up, browse
through your music, find something they like, and add it to the queue.

Removing things from the queue makes this easier in the following ways:

- guests can easily see what it still left to be played without
looking through both the queue and some kind of "recently played" list
(could get around this by, say, greying out items in the queue that
have already been played, but that's not obvious)
- it is easy to tell (at a glance) when the queue is almost empty and
somebody should add more songs to it.

However, there are other ways of accomplishing these goals; greying
out or striking out already-played entries, for example. I just think
that if you're going to do something like that, you might as well
remove them altogether to avoid clutter and confusion.

Have fun,


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