Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Interface ideas

On 4/18/05, Jonathan Matthew <jonathan kaolin hn org> wrote:
> So I'm thinking the solution is to split it into two bits [...]
There shouldn't be 2 different queue-like features, really

> - A "queue" playlist type that just removes songs as they're played.
>   This would be what you'd use to queue up more than just a few songs.
>   It wouldn't preempt the playing source like the current queue does;
>   you'd have to stop the playing source, select the queue playlist, and
>   press play.
Can't see this doing any good... by letting the user "convert" a given
playlist to a queue playlist, people will exidently destroy their
playlists. I'ts much better to have a static queue item (however that
is to be called) in the sources list and let people drag playlists
IMO it's better to have two interfaces for the queue than two
different queue systems...


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