Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Interface ideas

Le lundi 18 avril 2005 à 18:17 +0200, Oliver Lemke a écrit :
> > So, winamp, xmms and muine remove songs from what they use as a queue
> > after playing them? 
> Muine does. IIRC it removes the played songs if you hit Ctrl-D.

Yeah, so do xmms and winamp if you select the songs that have been
played and hit del or whatever.
I meant "as soon as they are played"

Can I get a real reason (ie one which isn't "queue should be that way"
and "it's cool") now? Please? ;)

[sorry, I'm probably being a real pita, but well, I mentioned one
advantage if you keep the played songs in the queue, and noone provided
any reason for removing the songs from the queue even after me asking
that for the 3rd or 4th time]


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