Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Interface ideas

On 4/18/05, Christophe Fergeau <teuf gnome org> wrote:
> So the only reason to remove songs from the queue is to have this corner
> case handled as a side effect? If the queue is to be special anyway,
> what prevents us from deciding that there will be no "repeat" check box
> when viewing the queue?
Naturally it's not the only reason, a queue is a genarally useful
feature for a music player... =)

> Do we need a totally new play queue source, or would some tweaks of the
> current playlist source be enough? This is what I'm wondering at the
> moment...
The way this works in the merged tree (when setting #define
WHAT_THE_HELL_IS_DISCOVERABILITY *g*) is nearly perfect... Think this
is the same code as the sidebar queue uses, just displayed as a
playlist item. Changing the icon and perhaps the name of the source
and it's done...


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