Re: [orca-list] punctuation pronunciation and pauses


Willie Walker  wrote:
I believe this took place in If there's
something wrong, please let me know.

yes thanks this is great at least It does things as suggested in that bug report.
Thanks again for the efforts.

By the way, I need to repeat that THE CURRENT SPEECH DISPATCHER
speech output, please first use the currently supported solution,

Does it mean we should understand speech-dispatcher backend as 3rd party solution which is not going to be supported by the core team in the near future? I know this has already been discussed but I am getting confused now so I'd like to ensure.

In any case...

I've explained that the design choice made early on in Orca was to solve
the 'missing synth feature' problem at the Orca level. I've also
admitted this was not the optimal solution and that we should work to
better understand this problem from the end user point of view. If I
have not said it clearly, let me state it now: I'm open to discussing
viable working solutions that offer a clear improvement, which address
the user requirements, and which run on all the platforms that Orca runs

Yes this is what everyone wishes. Unfortunatelly it looks as in this discussion It's happening quite frequently someone might missunderstand. Attempts to explain speech-dispatcher model has been made several times I believe with a few tips and questions whether gnome-speech and orca are able to adapt some of the key ideas. Currently when the bug mentioned abouve is near to fixed. The only known difference from the users perspective is is that with gnome-speech character and punctuation processing is happening in gnome-speech backend and with speech-dispatcher this is not happening.

In my prewious posting I was not tallking about the implementation it-self. Really the offered solutions are not complete as I feel it those are just some concepts or so. The thing I am interested in is how much you and others can agree with that and where does it fail according to your experience etc.
I believe it would be nice to go into more details if possible.

The thing is final decision must be done within the Orca team I think. So it's why I am so curious.

oh finally let me thank also for this discussion. I feel such a skilled accessibility developer than you are is not going to waste the time talking with someone like I am. This really shows you are ready for cooperation if you feel it may lead to an improvement.

It is very likelly possible that it's me who don't understand the situation good enough so if you feel I should not continue in this thing I'll respect that as well.



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