[orca-list] Can we drop FireVox support in Orca?

Hey All:

Before your heart stops and your flaming fingers start typing: that's Charles Chen's FireVox with a 'V'. Not Mozilla's Firefox.

Is anyone depending upon Orca for FireVox's speech synthesis output? The support is currently done via a hacky HTTP server in Orca and I'm considering getting rid of that server for various reasons. The main impact will be on FireVox users that use Orca for the TTS output -- I'm guessing there are no real users of this feature, but I want to be sure.

Please only respond if you are using this feature and it will impact you negatively if it goes away.


PS - Again, please respond only if this will have a negative impact on you. Here's an example of a response that will not help: "The HTTP server support in Orca is bad. You suck."

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