Re: [orca-list] some more issues with orca and speech-dispatcher.

I found the espeak conversion values in the espeak-generic.conf file in speech-dispatcher are wrong for the current version of espeak. I think the multiples are wrong by a factor of 10. You can work this out for yourself by reading the comments in espeak-generic.conf and the espeak documentation or I can send you a copy of my espeak-generic.conf file which I corrected. I think also the file is wrong in the way it does voice variants, again I have corrected this in my espeak-generic.conf. I think this disagreement between files is due to the command line options for espeak changing since the release of speech-dispatcher.

Michael Whapples
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hello herman,
I will be going back to try this again today and will let you know the result.
meanwhile the volume of sd is very very low.  I have kept the computer
volume very hi yet the output is very low.
I also checked at alsamixer and found that the master and all other
volumesn are high.
can you please suggest me what I can do about this?
I am also finding some other troubles while using speech-dispatcher.
in say most pumctuation, I still can't here the $ prompt or the #
prompt on my terminal.


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