Re: [orca-list] some more issues with orca and speech-dispatcher.

hi herman,
I get the problem's source now.
the default module was flite and I have now changed it.
however I discover that sd does not start at system boot.  it is
giving some permission errors about a /var/run/speach-dispatcher/pid
I did not get the point of rc.d because I don't have any such
directory in ubuntu.
I remember that this directory existed in fedora in /etc/rc.d but not here.
so please clearify.

On 17/05/07, hermann <steppenwolf2 onlinehome de> wrote:
1. Don't setup Orca's speech settings unless everything is installed and
2. Make sure SD is started when booting your machine:
update-rc.d speech-dispatcher defaults
3. Chekc very carefully the following files:
Espeak must be set as the default module.
You can test SD by typing:
spd-say "any text"
If everything is OK, then restart Orca and redo the settings.
Note: You should reread the mail exchange to this subject during the
last days, especially what Jan and Tomas have written.

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