Re: [orca-list] Priorities (was Re: Position of state vs. label for checkboxes (was Re:progress of progress bars is not reported., is it a known thing?))

Somewhat tangentially to this discussion, I'm a web developer
interesting in accessibility, not a regular Orca user. I would like to help with this:

Distinguish Q and BLOCKQUOTE in (X)HTML content


Refactor speech generators to provide ACSS per string

I can't work out whether this is something so architecturally sensitive that it will really need to be done by the core developers. If not, I'd be happy to work on this gradually in my spare time, but would like
a bit more certainty on whether the proposed solution is the one we want
to go for. The proposed solution being to "to have speech
generators return a list of [[string, acss], [string, acss], ...]
instead of [string, acss]". This is currently described as "One way to
do this", suggesting they're might be other ways. Some ideas about the
ideal user interface for defining such roles might also be helpful.

Benjamin Hawkes-Lewis

Willie Walker wrote:
And finally: The team and the users should ask themselves very
seriously, how much sense it makes to add feature by feature, as long as
there are such lacks in basic functionality.

I'm going to turn this back to the users.  We're a small team.  A lot of
demands are being made, and everything seems to be the most important
thing to someone.  We're being asked to drop everything for everything
else.  This obviously won't work.

We keep a list of all our known issues and feature requests on Bugzilla:

What are your top issues?  We'll look at the ones that our users deem
most important.  Keep in mind that some of them may be very time
intensive, but we'll discuss the tradeoffs and we'll come to a good path
with the community.


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