Re: [orca-list] form field structural navigation

Hello rich, 
I don't want to argue philosophy here.  I've not been following this thread
closely so probably missed it - how do we get the info usually supplied by
the virtual buffer.  Is Firefox carret browsing mode meant to fill in these
"gaps"? For instance, if I'm moving through a page via tab, and I land on a
link that says "click here" (ya, bad accessibility practice but I didn't
author the site), then how do I find out what the context of this phrase is?
With virtual buffer, you can just arrow around to get some idea of how that
link relates to the rest of the page.   Firefox has carret navigation and
its supposed to allow movement through the page in a similar way as the Jaws
virtual buffer, but it has been broken for some time now.  I imagine that is
one of the major fixes for ff3?
I'd encourage you to give orca a try.  Orca has a caret controling mode
which is much more robust than the one in firefox.  I believe that you
will find that you can access the information you mentioned in a very
similar way to that which you are used to.

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