Re: [orca-list] form field structural navigation

ok. then, what about this?
Could Orca tell when a form field has focus and change key mappings accordingly?
Example, when in a text box, all alfanumeric keys will be passed to
the control that the user is on.
In a multiline box, the enter key will also be passed through to
create a new line but on a single line and standard input box, the
enter key will attempt to submit the form activating the submit button
in the form.

In combo boxes, Orca should ignore first letter navigation until the
focus leaves the box.

Are any of these things possible?

On 25/04/07, krishnakant Mane <researchbase gmail com> wrote:
imho, forms mode is a really bad thing.
first of all I am doing research on accessibility and inter personal
one bad thing about forms mode and then the entire concept of a
vertual buffer is that a sited friend sitting next to me will never
know what I am reading or where my "vertual " curser is.
so what we are doing right now is really good.
I think we must continue to use the ff accessibility features the way
we have been using it.
only thing that needs to be done now is to create the forms navigation
keyboard commands.
however one thing could be a welcome feature.  we must have a links
list command like in jaws for windows.  what happens then is that we
are at power with the sited people because we can quickly go through
the links list and choose which ever we want.
and the other similar feature would be frames list because that is one
more aspect where we need to speed up accessibility experience while
browsing multi framed web pages.
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