Re: [orca-list] form field structural navigation

On 26/04/07, Mike Pedersen <Michael Pedersen sun com> wrote:
I'd encourage you to give orca a try.  Orca has a caret controling mode
which is much more robust than the one in firefox.  I believe that you
will find that you can access the information you mentioned in a very
similar way to that which you are used to.
wrong mike, it is not as good as the jaws vertual buffer but even better.
specially the case mentioned here where the links says "click here "
will in many cases fail to convey the message even in vertual buffer.
I know it is bad accessibility practice but I did not author the page
either *smile*.
but with orca the text near to it or any where below or above it can
help to associate the link.
I will give one example.  now while I use gmail exclusively with orca,
I find it much more accessible then under windows.  and I will again
like to stress on the fact that orca still needs some finer
adjustments.  but despite of its little short comings I am still
pritty confirtable with it.
if orca had vertual buffers then given the current short comings of
this screen reader, I would have never used or recommended it for
browsing the web.
it is only the real view of a web page that can give as much pure and
perfect information as possible.

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