Re: [orca-list] form field structural navigation

Hi Joanie,
the main tester is back again ;-)
A brief comment to item 2: Till now I found not much difference in
correctly/incorrectly speak/braille field labels.
But the majo issue is item 1: It doesn't work too reliable.
Check the form fields forward and backward. I found out, that especially
when I move backward, Orca doesn't land on the fields surely.
Sometimes it seems as if the Orca modifier key is not recognized, so
that, in fact, you press shift+tab. Could of course be a handling
problem, so what about redefining, for example "f"?
Next problem: When I've visited several sites, doing search on the last
one, pressing Orca+Shift+Tab, I hear the whole history, e.g. Orca tells
me where I've been before and then says where I've landed.
Finally a very annoying thing: When pressing the form navigation keys,
Orca does not release the modifier key. Result: If you press the arrow
keys, you decrease/increase rate or pitch. Another argument for
redefining the keystrokes.

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