Re: QMI support in network-manager-applet

On 08/05/13 10:29, dag dg wrote:
Yes, per Dan's advice I compiled MM > NM > nm-applet. Is there a flag
I can pass to autogen to force it to compile modemmanager-1? Also
despite these checks into Network Manager, would they really cause
Modem Manager to behave this way? I can understand the device not
showing up in network manager, but for modem manager to change the
device status to "disabled" is odd. Can those "InvalidQmiCommand" and
"Firmware not supported" warnings be safely ignored? Also if you check
the modem-manager debug output you'll see an entry of:

modem-manager[18566]: <warn>  [1368000178.829043]
[mm-iface-modem-3gpp.c:1948] load_imei_ready(): couldn't load IMEI:
'Device doesn't report a valid IMEI'

I've checked with dell and verified that this is a proper IMEI but
then again they could be wrong...

There is no issue in any of those logs. The modem goes *always* to
'disabled' state when initially detected; you would then enable it with

You can try to pass --with-modem-manager-1=yes to the NM's
That will fail configure if libmm-glib is not found. Make sure you have
mm-glib.pc in the default pkg-config path...

If this is a 64 bit system, you may want to pass --libdir=/usr/lib64 to
every; including the MM one.


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