OpenVPN and reverse DNS lookup


I have an issue when setting up a OpenVPN connection and configure _ignore-auto-dns=true_ in the config.

I would expect this setting would ignore all DNS settings in regards to the connection, This seems to be the case except for the Reverse DNS.
I believe this is because nm_dns_utils_get_ip4_rdns_domains gets called regardless of the ignore setting, causing to figure out the reverse lookup domain ( in my case.

The issue here is that it breaks my reverse lookups.

I can see in "src/dns-manager/nm-dns-utils.c" that ther is a FIXME to better detect which reverse lookup domains we should add, but in the meantime I would suggest to just honor the ignore-auto-dns

This way I'm able to manage my own reverse lookup domains.

Can someone help me with patching this,  would be great !

Wouter D'Haeseleer
Linux System Engineer

Vasco Data Security
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