Re: QMI support in network-manager-applet

Just a side note to clarify. I was able to get this working in Windows
on 4G, and also in Linux on 4G, but I used the libqmi compiled from
source to do so. I run it via

# qmi-network /dev/cdc-wdm0 start
# ifup wwan0

This works with no errors displayed(full net connectivity, decent
ping, no drops), so I'm not sure where ModemManager is having the

On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 3:29 AM, dag dg <dagofthedofg gmail com> wrote:
Yes, per Dan's advice I compiled MM > NM > nm-applet. Is there a flag
I can pass to autogen to force it to compile modemmanager-1? Also
despite these checks into Network Manager, would they really cause
Modem Manager to behave this way? I can understand the device not
showing up in network manager, but for modem manager to change the
device status to "disabled" is odd. Can those "InvalidQmiCommand" and
"Firmware not supported" warnings be safely ignored? Also if you check
the modem-manager debug output you'll see an entry of:

modem-manager[18566]: <warn>  [1368000178.829043]
[mm-iface-modem-3gpp.c:1948] load_imei_ready(): couldn't load IMEI:
'Device doesn't report a valid IMEI'

I've checked with dell and verified that this is a proper IMEI but
then again they could be wrong...

On Wed, May 8, 2013 at 3:22 AM, Aleksander Morgado
<aleksander lanedo com> wrote:
On 08/05/13 10:06, dag dg wrote:
I'm pulling from the latest git repo for Network Manager and
network-manager-applet, so I believe it has MM1 interface support,
though I don't think this is causing the issue with ModemManager
marking my wwan0 adapter as disabled. I even rebuilt from scratch to
show my steps:

Hum... I don't see the MM1 support getting compiled:

make[4]: Entering directory `/home/samuel/NetworkManager/src/modem-manager'
  CC       libmodem_manager_la-nm-modem.lo
  CC       libmodem_manager_la-nm-modem-generic.lo
  CC       libmodem_manager_la-nm-modem-cdma.lo
  CC       libmodem_manager_la-nm-modem-gsm.lo
  CC       libmodem_manager_la-nm-modem-manager.lo

Should have included "libmodem_manager_la-nm-modem-broadband.lo" as
well. Also, the configure report says 'auto' while it should say either
'yes' or 'no', but that is not the issue.

  wext: yes
  wimax: yes
  ppp: yes
  modemmanager-1: auto
  concheck: no

Will fix that thing; but anyway, the problem is that the pkg-config
checks don't find libmm-glib:

  checking for MM_GLIB... no

Did you compile NM *after* having installed MM?


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