Re: [MM qmi-support] "Set Operating Mode" on shutdown and more..

Den 30. aug. 2012 00:24, skrev Aleksander Morgado:
>>>I actually got the connection up now using the method above (mmcli +
>>>ifup wwan0) so it seems to be close to functional now.
>>Regarding connectivity; QMI-powered MM is fully functional. Missing
>>things include messaging and location, which are scheduled for next
>Okay. What about selection of network technology (2/3/4G/LTE) and
>preference between them?
>I am not sure if this command is the one to use, but it does not work:
>$ mmcli -m 1 --set-preferred-mode lte
>error: setting preferred mode requires list of allowed modes
You need to set a list of allowed modes and only then you can select one
of them to be preferred.

I find that a bit strange, as it seems to have the list from the status (mmcli -m X):

  Modes    |      supported: '2g, 3g, 4g'
           |        allowed: '2g, 3g, 4g'
           |      preferred: 'none'

  The modem may not support the combination you
provide, though. You set allowed modes with "--set-allowed-modes"; e.g.:

  --set-allowed-modes=2g|3g --set-preferred-mode=3g

Yes that works, just with quotes around the pipe that the shell would interpret:

mmcli -m 0 --set-allowed-modes='2g|3g|4g'

>I see:
>ModemManager[27013]: <warn>  couldn't load current allowed/preferred
>modes: 'Loading allowed modes is not supported by this device'
Seems your device doesn't have a recent enough NAS service version in
order to be able to select allowed modes.

Yes, so it seems (for device ZTE MF820D, even with the latest firmware...). At least I am able to force 3G or LTE.

For the Sierra MC7710, it also does not work:

$ mmcli -m 0 --set-preferred-mode 4g --set-allowed-modes 4g

That is also strange, as it is possible to set preference using custom AT command AT!SELRAT (or maybe it is only allowed modes?). Are you sure it is working?

I also see that not all combinations work. 3g and 4g allowed are okay, but not:

error: couldn't set allowed modes: 'GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.ModemManager1.Error.Core.Unsupported: Setting allowed modes is not supported by this device'

Also this works:

$ mmcli -m 0 --set-allowed-modes='2g|3g|4g'
successfully set allowed modes in the modem


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