Re: [MM qmi-support] "Set Operating Mode" on shutdown and more..

Den 29. aug. 2012 15:52, skrev Aleksander Morgado:

I actually got the connection up now using the method above (mmcli +
ifup wwan0) so it seems to be close to functional now.

Regarding connectivity; QMI-powered MM is fully functional. Missing
things include messaging and location, which are scheduled for next weeks.

Okay. What about selection of network technology (2/3/4G/LTE) and preference between them?

I am not sure if this command is the one to use, but it does not work:

$ mmcli -m 1 --set-preferred-mode lte
error: setting preferred mode requires list of allowed modes

I see:

ModemManager[27013]: <warn> couldn't load current allowed/preferred modes: 'Loading allowed modes is not supported by this device'

How is the status of a NM that can use this new MM? Which parts/tasks
are missing there?
Like, everything is missing. The idea is to modify NM to talk to MM
through the new libmm-glib. My personal list of things TODO includes now
2 big items only: multipart support merge in MM git master and then the
NM integration. Any help with the second one is very appreciated, now
that all MM plugins are ported.

Btw: seems like the latest MM branch code did not build.

Make sure you have the latest libqmi (from git master) before trying to
build the qmi-support branch in ModemManager :-)

I did, but maybe hit a bad timing. Anyway, master version now builds and connection still works with my ZTE modem, but I got a crash with the Sierra modem (which is not Icera):

ERROR:mm-port-probe.c:531:serial_probe_at_icera_result_processor: assertion failed: (g_variant_is_of_type (result, G_VARIANT_TYPE_BOOLEAN))

which means that it is unusable with this modem now (at 72602a395105006736ecf5829ba33ffcefce3692).


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