Re: [MM qmi-support] "Set Operating Mode" on shutdown and more..

>> >
>> > Is this branch working now with master version of Network manager
>> > including the gnome applet?
>> >
>> Not yet, no. The 'qui-support' branch is to be considered unstable, as
>> I'm still hacking into it extensively. That branch is then based on git
>> master, which is more stable, but not integrated yet with NM.
> So that means it could only be tested with what it does by itself when
> it discovers modems, and by sending dbus messages manually?

More or less, yes. You have the 'mmcli' utility in that branch, though,
so you can skip writing raw dbus-send commands and play with the cli
instead, like this (assuming only one modem connected, so index 0):

Show modem info and status:
 $> mmcli -m 0

Send PIN:
 $> sudo mmcli -i 0 --pin=1234

Enable modem:
 $> sudo mmcli -m 0 -e

 $> sudo mmcli -m 0 --simple-connect="apn=internet"

 $> sudo mmcli -m 0 --simple-disconnect

Disable modem:
 $> sudo mmcli -m 0 -d

And so on, just run this to get a full list of commands available:
 $> mmcli --help-all

Also note that the 'qmi-support' branch still lacks quite a lot of steps
regarding network registration and connection, so those will fallback to
AT commands instead right now. I hope to have the branch ready for
connections in the following weeks.


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