Re: [3/3] Do something with trusted networks

Jens Lautenbacher wrote:

I think it's problematic that whenever the need may arise to reenter
network information, the information that is on disk somewhere can't be
accessed, but must be given by hand again. Suppose I just need to change
the key (because of a typo or so) - I always have to reenter everything
again. If I had a list where I can select one of the known networks,
this would fill out the UI to the current values - which in turn could
be changed before clicking on "connect". (A UI could be a drop down
select menu with the default entry "New network", and all the UI in it's
pristine state. Selecting another known network from the drop down menu
would then fill in the values)

This could also help with another problem I have at work: They change
essid and key every month, forcing me to enter a new network and loosing
all the collected AP bssids from anywhere around the house...

We definitely need a wireless properties editor. I don't like the idea of having nm-applet provide UI for editing the entries, but we should have a separate (launchable from the applet, to be sure) utility for editing the stored networks.

If nothing else, we need a way to let users remove networks.

	Robert Love

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