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  • Patch for #317962 - pathbar should not show [home][Home], Federico Mena Quintero
  • Patch for #318140 - Fallback icon for .desktop files, Federico Mena Quintero
  • always_use_location_bar, Matthew East
  • [PATCH] Replace GtkOptionMenu with GtkComboBox in file properties dialog, Jaap Haitsma
  • [PATCH] Preferences use deprecated GtkOptionMenu, Jaap Haitsma
  • [PATCH] multi-file activation, part 2, Christian Neumair
  • Re: Thumbnailers images always have a frame, Alexander Larsson
  • [PATCH] Indent 12 pixels i.s.o. 4 characters in file management preferences, Jaap Haitsma
  • [PATCH] SHIFT + Del should delete a file without putting it in the trash, Nelson Benítez
  • [PATCH] Use G_MODULE_BIND_LAZY when loading modules, Emmanuele Bassi
  • ssh over gnome-vfs, Jonathon Anderson
  • [PATCH] Don't display permission emblem for abstract locations, add "Computer" properties pages, Christian Neumair
  • [PATCH] Mention the offending filename in the nautilus-cd-burner invalid encoding error (now with attachment), Mads Chr. Olesen
  • [PATCH] Mention the offending filename in the nautilus-cd-burner invalid encoding error, Mads Chr. Olesen
  • Re: [PATCH] Improve activation behavior of multiple files, part 1, Christian Neumair
  • [PATCH] Ask for confirmation when deleting through location button context menu, Christian Neumair
  • [PATCH] Fix leak for GtkSizeGroup usage, Jaap Haitsma
  • [PATCH] Unify home icons, Christian Neumair
  • [PATCH] Fix canvas item bounds calculation, Christian Neumair
  • Re: [RFC] No preview for SVGZ files, Luca Ferretti
  • Don't overlap volume icons, Federico Mena Quintero
  • nautilusa and esound, Benjamin Rich
  • [PATCH] New incarnation of filtering mode patch, Nelson Benítez
  • Don't show filesystem in side-bar tree, Paul van der Vlis
  • Re: Add "Skip All" button in copy/move conflict dialog, Joachim Noreiko
  • Re: [PATCH] Paste newly-created folder/file below cursors, Christian Neumair
  • Re: [PATCH] Add "Skip All" button in copy/move conflict dialog, Christian Neumair
  • Re: Revamping knob for stretch icons, Luca Ferretti
  • [PATCH] Handle lack of highlight frame better, Christian Neumair
  • Re: [PATCH] Make ctrl-shift-g browse back in typeahead results, Alexander Larsson
  • Re: Misleading file transfer speed to USB flash drives, Nate Nielsen
  • Re: [PATCH] Use GtkIconChooser for properties window, Christian Neumair

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