Re: Misleading file transfer speed to USB flash drives

Nate Nielsen wrote:

c saveanu laposte net wrote:
In conclusion, the progress dialog should probably indicate
that the files are not immediately written on the disk. I
don't know what's the best solution for this problem but it is
really very, very annoying to see quick data transfer and in
fact not to really have it happen.

When the file system is mounted with the sync option (as is done
automatically by most distros) the progress dialog matches the actual
data transfer.

Thanks for the reply. Apparently writing to USB flash drives is still a problem on Linux (see for example I still believe that until a solution is found to this bug, the user should be warned in some way. It would help avoid unpleasant Linux experiences, especially for new users. I've sent a bug report to Ubuntu's bugzilla with a detailed description of the problem and proposed solutions (user's point of view):

Have a nice day,


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