Re: mc Digest, Vol 102, Issue 3

To copy text from one mcedit instance to another, mark the text via
[F3], copy it to a file (dflt: .mc/cedit/cooledit.clip) via [ctl]+[f],
switch to the other mcedit and load the text via [F15] (maybe
[shift]+[F3]). This will work for all instances of mcedit if run by the
same user.

hth Holger

On 10/15/2012 08:54 AM, Martin MÃsaÅ wrote:
I do all my coding in mcedit, I usually have about 8 windows with mc
opened and copying between them is important to me. I usually use
shift-mouse method.

When there was first release of MC where invisible characters ("Visible
trailing spaces" and "Visible tabs") was present I turned them off due
this mouse copy(-paste) problem.

Is it possible to detect shift-mousepress and switch them off
automatically and after copying switch them on again? Or do it in the
copy buffer to avoid redrawing of the screen on slow terminals?

I also turned off "Return does autoindent" also due (copy-)paste
problem. Maybe it also could be detected that paste was done
(shift-middlepress) and swith autoindent off for that moment...

Both these functions helps and I would use them, but if they breaks
mouse copy-paste which is important to me, I have switched them off. I
use mouse copy-paste about twice/hour, sometimes more.

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