Re: mc Digest, Vol 102, Issue 3

2. The ghost tabs and ghost single space characters are not 
   anywhere else when mouse-paste is done........

You mean an exta comminication between the mouse-paster and the editor?
Such complications are to be avoided.

 I understand that there is an option to turn these ghost characters on,
or to turn them off.
GOOD! Show me how ?

As to your statement "But paste-ability must take precedence over your
special example, because it's a more basic operation." I am in fact not
Editing files, or copying pieces of what you are editing to some other
place? Me, I spend more time with editing the files. And if what I am
editing is code, which is often the case, then I really do not want the
hidden characters to be turned off and no way to turn them on. That would
render relatively useless an editor which I have come to rely on for much
of that work, which would make me unhappy..

No. My requiremet trumps yours.
The most primitive requirement is UNIQUE.
All further fancy-facilities are merely ONE of an infinite fad posibility.
In law and common sense, drinking water may be a human-right; tea,
coke...whisky is not.

PS. I've hit another arty-crapness, similar to the use of *.pdf, where plain
text is adequate and thus better: `links` fills in the line-len with spaces!?

Shoot all the grafiti-vandals!!

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