Re: mc Digest, Vol 102, Issue 3

On Mon, 15 Oct 2012, Martin MÃsa? wrote:

I do all my coding in mcedit, I usually have about 8 windows with mc opened
and copying between them is important to me. I usually use shift-mouse method.

When there was first release of MC where invisible characters ("Visible
trailing spaces" and "Visible tabs") was present I turned them off due this
mouse copy(-paste) problem.

Is it possible to detect shift-mousepress and switch them off automatically
and after copying switch them on again? Or do it in the copy buffer to avoid
redrawing of the screen on slow terminals?

I also turned off "Return does autoindent" also due (copy-)paste problem.
Maybe it also could be detected that paste was done (shift-middlepress) and
swith autoindent off for that moment...

Both these functions helps and I would use them, but if they breaks mouse
copy-paste which is important to me, I have switched them off. I use mouse
copy-paste about twice/hour, sometimes more.


It seems to me that your problem is quite similar to mine, and I think 
that, unless someone comes up with an even better idea to solve the 
problem, you have a very good proposal for the solution. Of course, I 
would expect that neither of us are actually working on the MC code, so 
the implementation would have to be done by someone else. All that we can 
do is to try to get someone who does write the code to think about whether 
this is a feasible approach.

Theodore Kilgore

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