Re: mc Digest, Vol 102, Issue 3

On Mon, 15 Oct 2012, Holger Herrlich wrote:

To copy text from one mcedit instance to another, mark the text via
[F3], copy it to a file (dflt: .mc/cedit/cooledit.clip) via [ctl]+[f],
switch to the other mcedit and load the text via [F15] (maybe
[shift]+[F3]). This will work for all instances of mcedit if run by the
same user.

hth Holger

Ah, but suppose that one wants to copy out from something being edited 
with mcedit into some other place? For example, you are writing code and 
you would like to discuss some code snippet with a colleague. So you open 
pine and start an e-mail and want to copy into the e-mail. What then?

The point is, mcedit needs to be not just friendly to itself but also to 
other applications.

Theodore Kilgore

On 10/15/2012 08:54 AM, Martin MÃsa? wrote:
I do all my coding in mcedit, I usually have about 8 windows with mc
opened and copying between them is important to me. I usually use
shift-mouse method.

When there was first release of MC where invisible characters ("Visible
trailing spaces" and "Visible tabs") was present I turned them off due
this mouse copy(-paste) problem.

Is it possible to detect shift-mousepress and switch them off
automatically and after copying switch them on again? Or do it in the
copy buffer to avoid redrawing of the screen on slow terminals?

I also turned off "Return does autoindent" also due (copy-)paste
problem. Maybe it also could be detected that paste was done
(shift-middlepress) and swith autoindent off for that moment...

Both these functions helps and I would use them, but if they breaks
mouse copy-paste which is important to me, I have switched them off. I
use mouse copy-paste about twice/hour, sometimes more.

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