Re: mc Digest, Vol 102, Issue 3

chris glur <crglur gmail com> writes:

2. The ghost tabs and ghost single space characters are not 
   anywhere else when mouse-paste is done........

You mean an exta comminication between the mouse-paster and the editor?
Such complications are to be avoided.

We already have them. You have to shift click to copy and paste with the
mouse. Should we get rid of that as well? I have a good old friend who
detests syntax highlighting - he did most of his programming before they
became popular. Many people consider a spell checker bloat. 

You have to realize that you're arbitrarily drawing a line as to what's
acceptable and what's "artsy". Anything beyond Edlin's capabilities is
artsy to some. 

 I understand that there is an option to turn these ghost characters on,
or to turn them off.
GOOD! Show me how ?

In the editor, press F9, go to Options and then General. Then outside of
the editor go to Options and "Save Setup" - this will ensure the
behavior is saved for future Midnight Commander sessions. 

Given that it can be turned off, is there still a problem here? I can
understand it would be a serious usability issue if one can't and your
grievances would have a lot more weight, but I think it's fine as it is
as long as the user can choose it. I suppose one could argue which
should be the default mode.

No. My requiremet trumps yours.
The most primitive requirement is UNIQUE.
All further fancy-facilities are merely ONE of an infinite fad posibility.

And some of those fancy-facilities is why people use Midnight

Also, I'll add that Midnight Commander lets you use a different editor
if mcedit doesn't suit your needs, which makes things much more flexible
for the user. 

In an Astronomy class (toward an Astronomy major, not that gen-ed
rubbish) the professor did not tell us we would have to remember
constants, and he asked them as questions. They were short questions,
and weren't worth a lot.

One of them was: What is the orbital period of Saturn? (2 pts/100)

I started thinking about Bode's law and the posibility I could calculate
it from an approximate radius I would get from that law... if I could
remember it. But when you expect a 72% to be an A on a test, you have
bigger fish to fry.

Then I got it. It was right, it should work, and no one would have to be
nailed to anything.

I wrote: One Saturn-Year

I didn't get credit for it. A couple years later a sophomore was telling
me about this funny question he had in the same class. He showed it to
me. It read:

What is the orbital period of Saturn? (Do not put one Saturn-Year)

I was so right that it had to be guarded against. Yet those were 2
points I would never have.

(as told by SetupWeasel on Slashdot)

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