[patch #5893] integrated side-by-side textmode diff viewer

Follow-up Comment #18, patch #5893 (project mc):

is there a interface that is able to handle external access - like plugins
but i dont want runtime loading.
some stable interfaces that someone could access to create such
spellcheck, image preview - program execution that can manipulate the
userinterface, dialogs...
it is obvious that some functionality can be archieved in .net or java much
more effective than in c, but the ones with the time and idea to build that
in java might not even be able to do C. a hex editor with content
manipulation for exploits ala metasploit could be a weekend in python but a
painfull month in plain c.
right, if everything is commited without rules of management anything will
what are that rules?
pseudo edit the patches, add comments dont compile but send it back. the next
version might be more of your taste.

this kind of feature should be part of a filemanager and should provide a
consistent behaviour with the available gui.

is there a ebuild for this patches, should i create one?
as long as nothing is commited into the cvs it might be from use if you and
others can test the custom mc in production, by just installing a new
unstable version. there will be more feedback about the feature ~3w



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