[patch #5893] integrated side-by-side textmode diff viewer

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Your feedback is welcomed.

@1 no there isn't :) check again!

@2 I saw this one coming, after FBUF.  I don't use glib, and probably I won't
use it in the foreseeable future.  One of the reasons is that I don't find it
very useful, with a few notable exceptions.  Another reason is that g_malloc
aborts the application when there is no memory AFAIK.  I find it very dumb
for a feature (ydiff or whatever) to abort the mother application just
because there is not enough memory to fulfill its task.  And ydiff can use a
*lot* of memory with DATA_SRC_MEM (which is the default).

I always code in paranoid mode.  And I valgrind the heck out of my programs. 
As it is right now, ydiff should recover gracefully from any memory failure. 
It was tested as a stand-alone application.

That said, the code is GPL.  I am not totally against glib, so if you really,
really think glib is better than plain old libc in some places, feel free to
do the modifications.

I am attaching another set of patches, because I missed a bug on my last
patch.  Oops, sorry.

(file #12696, file #12697)

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