[patch #5893] integrated side-by-side textmode diff viewer

Follow-up Comment #14, patch #5893 (project mc):

--- Pavel Tsekov <INVALID NOREPLY gnu org> wrote:

> Follow-up Comment #13, patch #5893 (project mc):
> Regarding the off-by-one issue - indeed you are right.
> In my local copy I've changed "diff" to "gdiff" without
> changing 14 to 15.

Which only proves my point.  In an earlier comment I wrote regarding to glib:
"There are probably more catchy things that right now that I am afraid of
(like how trailing-null is counted or not in some string routines etc)." 
q.e.d.  I coded long enough now to feel and fear these things a priori.

> Regarding glib - It struck me that your patch was the most
> complete patch for MC I have seen in quite a while.

I can imagine.

> Still you have the same attitude as most of the other
> patch authors - that is unwillingness to abide to certain
> simple rules. Yes I could alter your patch as I like but

You're asking me to learn a whole new hairy API (that, among others, I
personally find useless) just because I chose to share some piece of code
with the community?  Perhaps my code is not perfect, but glibbing it won't
make it any more perfect.

> after all this is your patch. There are many projects out
> there that have much stricter rules for accepting patches
> than those of MC.

I don't care about "many projects out there".  Nobody cares about all and
every project out there. 

> The fact that you do not want to do your homework and

This is a tendentious statement.  I said only that I'm not
the guy to do glib modifications, that's all.  But I *will* and *do* support
my patch.  For example, I just fixed the colorscheme (new set of patches
attached).  I will find some time soon to replace open/read/close/etc with
their mc_ counterparts.  I have to give them a bit of thinking first.

> support your patch doesn't really makes me more willing
> to review it. I am certainly busy as you are but I try
> to do my best to review the patches that are posted here.

You're not doing it for me, you know.  You're doing it for the
users.  You alone chose this task.  Which, btw, I think it is a praiseworthy
fact; and I appreciate your work.

> That said I really like the functionality that your patch
> provides and I'd really like to have it in MC.

Good.  Let's then end this and concentrate on what's important.  Later, we
can code a quick and dirty sed 's/malloc/g_try_malloc/g' script.  It is
really a secondary issue as it shouldn't change the semantics (and hence the
correctness) of the submitted code.

Thank you for your work and for understanding.

(file #12701, file #12702)

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