[patch #5893] integrated side-by-side textmode diff viewer

Follow-up Comment #16, patch #5893 (project mc):

You just can't let it go away, now can you?

What is exactly the part that you don't get from my previous message?  I
don't really care about glib.  It is not useful for me.  I am pretty sure I
wrote: "I *personally* find useless".  And I won't learn an API that is not
useful -- again: for me.  And I won't make use of an API that I'm not
familiar with.  I know enough not to do that.

You're not doing this work for dborca.  You like the patch but can't stand it
manages to work without glib?  glibize it -- it should be pretty trivial for
someone familiarized with glib.  And while you're at it, do a `egrep -rw
"malloc|realloc|strdup|sprintf|snprintf" *.c' and fix those, too.  You don't
like it or just don't want to do it?  Then don't.

On the other hand, if you manage to find a bug in my code, just let me know.

--- Pavel Tsekov <INVALID NOREPLY gnu org> wrote:

> Follow-up Comment #15, patch #5893 (project mc):
> The fact that you feel that a certain API is useless
> doesn't make it go away.
> MC uses glib heavily and that is a fact. If you feel
> that this is wrong - start a new thread on the mailing
> list and share your thoughts. As I said below - we
> don't want to discuss the usefullness of glib here -
> this discussion is about your patch. For your patch to
> be consistent with the rest of the code it has to be
> converted to use glib calls where appropriate.
> I am not asking you to learn a whole new API - I am
> asking you to send a proper patch. You obviously spent
> some time on MC code - I doubt it that you
> missed the fact that it used glib.
> The falsely reported off-by-one bug reported by me
> has nothing to do with glib. It was my mistake - since
> I build and test on Solaris where diff is not GNU diff,
> I quickly changed diff to gdiff without updating the
> constant which represented the size of the format string.


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