Re: response to linus...?

En/na Santiago Roza ha escrit:

> yes effective advocacy requires knowing your target markets, but
> that's a prerequisite for advocacy, not advocacy itself.  so if we're
> gonna do that in addition to just advocacy, well it won't be just
> advocacy.

What brings us to the point of... continuing the personas project, which
is really interesing and something really new and constructive in our
discussions. By defining the personas that matter to us we will be able
to understand better the impact of a rant done by Eminence X and the
GNOME advocates will be able to tune their advocacy.

Recovering an earlier question you made:

>> You can help changing this structure and history in
>> order to improve them and allow marketing actions like this in a near
>> future.
>and how do you plan to do that, exactly?

My contribution to a plan is to help improving the communication
infrastructure of the GNOME community, so teams can plan properly with
more internal knowledge and more powerful external channels of

What upsets you about the response to linus is the fact of GNOME not
having a response visible to the public containing an official position
signed by the GNOME project and backed by the GNOME community. With the
current this is pretty difficult, but see in one year time.

There are other things that (have) upset you but they are mostly caused
for your lack of information about how GNOME works internally. With the
current this is pretty understandable, but see in six months time.

Reading your emails you look like needing to check the gnome-web-list
and the foundation-list archives. You seem to be deeply concerned about
issues you think that aren't being debated at all, when actually they
are being deeply debated there.

Quim Gil -

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