Re: response to linus...?

> Dude - Chris, Nat, Havoc and I each politely disagreed with his message, in
> the appropriate forum.

yeah well i wasn't meaning that particular "we"; of course nat or
havoc or you or chris don't fear linux.

i meant "we" the marketing team; dude i don't consider myself a gnome hacker  :)

> The challenge now is to communicate that beyond the
> geek community. Yet another reply to Linus (even as a 'public response'),
> covering the *same* issues is not productive. I grok your interest, but you
> are misdirecting your effort.

ok if you guys have chosen some other path, that's great and i hope i
was wrong about my direction (and you're right with yours).

i suggested this other thing as a long shot, maybe a little clumsy
long shot, because i thought something should be done asap, and i
didn't know something was actually being done or planned to do
(besides the mailing list replies) by the core team.

and i didn't know that not because i didn't care, but because there's
not much communication going on between this list and the people who
makes the actual decisions about gnome.

that lack of communication is what's making the marketing team pretty
much irrelevant imho, and the #1 issue we should fix (we being the
marketing list guys).

problem is i see very little interest in fixing that problem, in both
directions: most people here seem to think our objective is to become
an advertising team (something that doesn't require much communication
with the developers), and most people "there" don't seem to care about
the fact that this list even exists (maybe because we haven't done
enough merit yet).

but i see you seem to care, so the communication issue is not
completely hopeless from "your" side, because the interest is there

i know i do care (just like some other people in this list), so i hope
it will be a matter of trying to produce interesting stuff, and trying
to pass it to the developers through our existing channels.

we don't know if such collaboration will ever have meaningful effects,
but it's worth more than a try.  so let's try  :)

Santiago Roza
Departamento I+D - Thymbra
santiago roza thymbra com

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