Re: response to linus...?

> What brings us to the point of... continuing the personas project, which
> is really interesing and something really new and constructive in our
> discussions.

that's #1 in my [gnome] to-do list, believe me.  i'm sure there will
be progress real soon, and i'll post here whatever i have (as soon as
i have it), so we can all work on the personas project.

> My contribution to a plan is to help improving the communication
> infrastructure of the GNOME community, so teams can plan properly with
> more internal knowledge and more powerful external channels of
> communication.

sounds great; i was asking you because i really can't think of ways to
improve that, at least ways within my reach.

> What upsets you about the response to linus is the fact of GNOME not
> having a response visible to the public containing an official position
> signed by the GNOME project and backed by the GNOME community.

yes, you got my point perfectly (as a matter of fact you're the first
to do that; i guess i wasn't clear): it was not about my signature or
me or moral authority or whatever, but about having an official (or at
least semi-official) response.

> With the
> current this is pretty difficult, but see in one year time.

well i guess you have your reasons to say this, so i'll respect that. 
but imho, once the consensus is reached and some official position is
written, you can post it in whatever site you have, no matter its

of course you have reasons i surely don't know, so i could be just wrong.

> There are other things that (have) upset you but they are mostly caused
> for your lack of information about how GNOME works internally.

i'm sure a lot my annoying emails were related to the many things i
ignore, but it wasn't just that.

there are also attitude and commitment issues i already commented, not
to mention the fact that i was sleepless and frustrated and maybe
acting stupid  :P

> With the
> current this is pretty understandable, but see in six months time.

sounds interesting; details wouldn't hurt  ;)

> You seem to be deeply concerned about
> issues you think that aren't being debated at all, when actually they
> are being deeply debated there.

i'm sure they're being debated in some other places that are beyond my
reach.  what concerns me is that we barely see anything being debated
here in the marketing list, and that i don't see what's being done
(not just debated) in those other places.

maybe it's my fault for not subscribing to every single list, or maybe
there should also be a better communication framework between the
different teams.

Santiago Roza
Departamento I+D - Thymbra
santiago roza thymbra com

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