Re: response to linus...?

> I don't think we fear Linus.

well i think we do.  if the very idea of sending him a politely
disagreeing message is seen as "too risky", that sounds like fear.

> > > At a Marketing Team level I think it's useful to discuss why a potential
> > > user (like Linus seems to be) has this perception about GNOME ...
> >
> > yeah you're right, that's our only task about this event, as a marketing team.
> I would never consider Linus as a potential user.  The man uses his desktop ...

yeah i know that, and i never considered him a potential user either. 
i was just being sarcastic (with the "that's our only task about this
event, as a marketing team").

> Marketing and public relations are two different things.  Intel
> certainly doesn't have the same team doing both public relations
> and marketing.

yeah we all know they're not the same.  but they're very related, and
we don't have a public relations team.

> I can understand you're frustrated by the response here.  I think
> you've made that pretty clear. :-)  However, if you want an
> effective response I think we can do that with GNOME Journal or
> mail journalists who might be interested about the affair.

i'll see what i can do; thanks.

> Yes, it raises our profile, yes it's public relations but I think we
> can do better.  Guest column in a magazine, blog responses whatever.

ok then; go ahead and do better.

> Another thing you might consider is that the reaction people have to
> your public letter might mirror the response from the slashdot crowd.
> Although thats arguable. :-)

i don't see why; my letter was not even 1% as trollish as linus' statements.

Santiago Roza
Departamento I+D - Thymbra
santiago roza thymbra com

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