Re: response to linus...?

<quote who="Santiago Roza">

> and i didn't know that not because i didn't care, but because there's not
> much communication going on between this list and the people who makes the
> actual decisions about gnome.

I dunno - with old board members, new board members, and people who should
have been elected (!!!) helping out on this list, I think there's a lot of
communication between this list and "the people who make actual decisions"
(at least in Foundation terms, as opposed to developer terms - but I think
that's entirely sensible for the marketing team).

> problem is i see very little interest in fixing that problem, in both
> directions: most people here seem to think our objective is to become an
> advertising team (something that doesn't require much communication with
> the developers), and most people "there" don't seem to care about the fact
> that this list even exists (maybe because we haven't done enough merit
> yet).

I think the solution to this will end up being leadership by example, and
setting good goals. There is definitely some friction between advertising
and marketing goals, and to a certain extent the team is named incorrectly.
What we need to be focusing on is 'advocacy', which takes both into account.

Rock on!

- Jeff

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