Re: response to linus...?

<quote who="Santiago Roza">

> > I dunno - with old board members, new board members, and people who
> > should have been elected (!!!)
> i don't understand what you mean by "should have been elected"; could you
> please explain?

That was just a little off-topic public gripe. There are people who I would
have liked to see on the Board who didn't get on. ;-)

> > (at least in Foundation terms, as opposed to developer terms - but I
> > think that's entirely sensible for the marketing team).
> yeah having people from the foundation contributing to this list is great,
> but i don't see many board members, and no matter that i meant developer
> terms... sorry for not being clear.

Luis, Murray, and more if you consider members of the 2006 Board and
previous Board members. Developers are not really all that relevant to this
discussion, their time is better spent hacking rocking software. :-)

> > There is definitely some friction between advertising and marketing
> > goals, and to a certain extent the team is named incorrectly.  What we
> > need to be focusing on is 'advocacy', which takes both into account.
> well, advocacy is pretty much the same than promotion/advertising, and has
> little to do with actual marketing.

I disagree - effective advocacy means knowing your target market, and that
is 100% Real Marketing. :-)

- Jeff

-- 2006: Dunedin, New Zealand     
    "I'm taking no part in your merry 5-way clusterfuck - sort that mess
                 out between yourselves." - Alexander Viro

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