Re: response to linus...?

El s� 17-12-2005 a las 00:53 +1100, Jeff Waugh escribi� <quote who="Santiago Roza">
> > > That was just a little off-topic public gripe. There are people who I
> > > would have liked to see on the Board who didn't get on. ;-)
> > 
> > oh now i see.  care to share those names at least in private?  ;)
> I'm really disappointed that Quim and German aren't on, but everyone who
> stood this year was rad in one way or another, so I'm again disappointed
> that we've reduced the number of directors.

that was our argument itself, and the results confirm my thought

On this topic about marketing and reponding to Linus, i agree that is
not too recomended to give a public response, instead as a marketing
policy would be very good to place in somewhere (web site i guess) a
resume with facts and reasons to do what GNOME do, i saw that first
reponse to Linus in the thread wasn't "that feature is not implemented
due to lack of time", so would be nice if people related to marketing,
developers and user should now what is doing and why, of course there
are mailing lists and release notes (i've read release notes always),
but if you think is not too easy to get all the info that is very
spread. May be we need to focus on having a good information placed in
the right place, that'll avoid (at least decrease) rants.


Fernando San Mart�Woerner <snmartin galilea cl>

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