Re: response to linus...?

<quote who="Santiago Roza">

> > That was just a little off-topic public gripe. There are people who I
> > would have liked to see on the Board who didn't get on. ;-)
> oh now i see.  care to share those names at least in private?  ;)

I'm really disappointed that Quim and German aren't on, but everyone who
stood this year was rad in one way or another, so I'm again disappointed
that we've reduced the number of directors.

> > Developers are not really all that relevant to this discussion, their
> > time is better spent hacking rocking software. :-)
> but having good communication channels with developers is relevant,
> because our work depends on theirs, and their work should ideally benefit
> from our work.

We can do that. We haven't really needed to so far. All of the people who
can help us do that are *right here*.

> > I disagree - effective advocacy means knowing your target market, and
> > that is 100% Real Marketing. :-)
> yes effective advocacy requires knowing your target markets, but that's a
> prerequisite for advocacy, not advocacy itself.  so if we're gonna do that
> in addition to just advocacy, well it won't be just advocacy.

Well, my original statement was that I believed advocacy encompassed both,
particularly in this kind of organisation. You are welcome to disagree (and
reduce your motivation to help out), but then we're just playing semantics,
and not getting on with the job.

- Jeff

-- 2006: Dunedin, New Zealand     
   "I would hack on the file selector. But I think I would write like, 3
   LOC for every 100 lines of mail I had to read/write." - James Willcox

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