Re: [jokosher-devel] Where should the images go?

Chris Brown wrote:

On 27/07/06, *Michael Sheldon* <webmaster mikeasoft com <mailto:webmaster mikeasoft com>> wrote:

    This is already fixed in Jokosher SVN; If you grab revision 467 you'll
    pretty much have 0.1 with the dependancy on alsaaudio removed. The
    information we require can already be obtained from the current
    system; it's just that it's a flag in GstMixerTrack instead of a
    like set_record_flag() in GstMixer so was overlooked until wingo pointed
    it out.

If thats the case then I propose a 0.1.1 release and scrub alsaaudio for good (from webpage, releases etc). Thoughts?

Agreed. I vote for a 0.1.1 release.


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