Re: [jokosher-devel] Where should the images go?

Hey Chris,

Sure but how? Can someone get the license up on the website in a prominent

We need the license exception so that we can use propreitary plugins
with Jokosher. See for
details. I can always put this on the website if needed. Does the
exception need to be in a seperate file?

> Either that or hold off and package 0.2 (or  0.1.x snapshot without
> alsaaudio dependencies).

alsaaudio is important, and I think you need it for Jokosher to
record. It is used to select an input for recording. We are working on
getting the GStreamer devs to fix this though.

I have added a 'packaging' component for the ticket tracker - could
you submit all packaging bugs there, then we know they need to be
fixed. :)


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