Re: [jokosher-devel] Where should the images go?

On 27/07/06, Chris Brown <snecklifter gmail com> wrote:

Slightly O/T: there are a few relevant comments for devs on jokosher as it
goes through Extras submission. You might find the following bugzilla
interesting and I would appreciate feedback on the stuff not concerned with
packaging. Any views on the license comments?

The license issue really just seems to be one of having the exceptions
to the GPL in  a separate file. Should be pretty easy to deal with.

As far as the other stuff, it looks like we've got some more hoops to
jump through. Paul Johnson is a really nice guy, and has done a lot to
help us along. Michael Schwendt is not so nice, but he really knows
his stuff on packaging. If they drop the package because it's not
ready for Extras, it might be harder the second time around.

We may want to get all the packaging bugs fixed then bump them again.
Either that or hold off and package 0.2 (or  0.1.x snapshot without
alsaaudio dependencies). We still have a working RPM available for
people to download from the web site.

I'm interested in helping with all this, I just haven't had the time
to dig into the packaging end with all the documentation stuff going

Jeff Ratliff (Gomer_X)

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